Interview #2: Gail Carriger

May 20th, 2009

The first 1 ½ minutes of the interview have mild echo and noise issues. These unfortunate effects cease and do not recur after the initial 90 seconds.

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Links to Chris Fisher’s other work can be found at the (desperately requiring aesthetic renovation) site, or by searching chrisfixedkitty on Twitter, Flickr, Etsy, Livejournal, or Ravelry.

Links to Gail Carriger’s projects and blog can be found at , and her novel can be preordered at

Dan Sawyer’s Down From Ten preview

May 15th, 2009

Dan Sawyer, recently asked me if I would run the start of his new novel Down From Ten. You may remember that wrote the Christmas story for Steampod Cold Duty. This is the podcast novel he will start releasing June 20th 2009. If you like this you can look for more at:

This first 10 minutes is totally family friendly, though the full book will not be.

Episode 10: The Virginal Seas of the Moon

May 3rd, 2009

Today’s story is introduced and read by our new co-editor Paul Campbell.

The story is The Virginal Seas of  the Moon by Mrs. Melinda Selmys. She has previously enjoyed some modest success with the steemed editors at Pseudopod, Shimmer, Byzarium and others.

The Podcast Bailout was written, produced, edited by John Bell’s Bell’s In the Batfry.

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New Editor, and a fun video!

April 7th, 2009

Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that steampod has selected a co-editor, and he will be releasing a story soon.

In the meantime, here is a fun little video that @zackmann from Twitter forwarded on to me, its really fun steampunkish cartoon. Hope you enjoy!

Looking for Additional Editor(s)

February 23rd, 2009

Hello all,

Would you like to become an editor here at steampod? I can’t offer any monetary consideration for this, and can’t promise there will always be much to do.

There are times, in which I get stories, which I feel are good, but not so great that I start pulling out contracts to prepare for them right away. Its these that I would like to get a second opinion on. I am also hoping that you will submit first opinion on pieces as well.

If your interested in assisting me, here is what I need you to do e-mail In this e-mail include the following:

  1. Why you should be my editor
  2. What your favorite story of the podcast has been, and why
  3. What experience do you have in Steampunk in general (costumes, cons, etc)
  4. How much time do you think you’ll have on a weekly basis to be an editor?
  5. What is your favorite steampunk movie/book/etc and why?

You don’t have to go in that order, but those should be the things you cover. Please make it in essay form, and use proper English (either Queen’s English or American).

If you are chosen, you will be informed. Once its been decided it will be announced on the podcast and probably by an earlier blog entry as well.


February 12th, 2009

Sorry, no story today. But I do have an update on my life of late.

Steampod Episode 9: Cold Duty

December 20th, 2008

Today we are very pleased to announced Steampod’s first every Christmas Story. Tonight’s story is Cold Duty. It was written by J. Daniel Sawyer of Literary Abominations. The story is read by Stephen Killbride of the Tea and Chat Podcast.

Voice mail comments from: Christiana Ellis, Jesse Willis and Justin Lowmaster

We’ve been BitStripped!

November 26th, 2008

Today @treed from Twitter, has released his BitStrips created just for steampod! These are so cool.

Episode 8: Interview with Natania Barron

November 17th, 2008

Hi all, no story this week, however I do talk about an upcoming story! Things are getting dramatically better here on the Steampod train. Donations are once again open, and I do hope if you are able to you will donate.

Today, we have a special treat, an interview with the author Natania Barron. She is the author of Aldersgate Cycle, which you can find at: The Aldersgate Cycle.

I do hope you enjoy this interview, and if you would like to hear more interviews of authors who podcast their novels, please do check out my other podcast PodioMedia Chat.

Steampod Status #1

September 22nd, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve published an episode of Steampod. This is just a short episode describing why the long delay, and some changes that are being considered for the podcast.

Special thanks to Chris Fisher, of the Adult Space Child Free Podcast and Steampunk Spetacular for allowing me to bounce ideas off of.