Our good friend Thomas Reed has asked us to help make one of his BitStrips up the popularity chart. From his blog entry:

MTV has/had a bitstrip account. They no longer use it. They do, however, have the top nine viewed Pop Culture bitstrips on One of mine is number 11. I would like to replace MTV in the number one spot. To do this, I need your help. I have posted the link to that bistrip of mine. It is titled Steampunk. It is about a Steampunk podcast that Chris Moody produces. What I am requesting is that my fans post a link to my strip. Either in their blog, on their website, etc. requesting their followers/fans do the same.Please consider doing this so we can take down MTV. (Do they ever play music videos anymore?)


So if you liked the BitStrips he made, please help! The original one is at:

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