SteamPod 2.0 Episode 11: AJ Clarkson

It has certainly been a long time since we met up. I wish to thank you for staying subscribed. Tonight we chat with AJ Clarkson the creator and script writer of The Blackburn Gaslight Adventures. We talk about how she came up with the idea, how she produces the show etc. After the interview we listen to the first episode ... Read More »

SteamPod 2.0: Episode 10: Age of Aether

Tonight we are proud to have on the show Mark Jeffery of Max Quick fame. Tonight he is here to talk about his first Steampunk novella Age of Aether. After this chat I did spend a week reading it, and I can honestly say this is a very good novella, if you want to introduce someone to the world of ... Read More »

New Books and Braun Book is out!

The Janus Affair is now out in ebook and paperback! At least as of the time of this writing its $7.99 in the US version of Amazon for either format. This is the sequel to the book Tee Morris and Pip Ballentine wrote, Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel  Read More »

SteamPod 2.0 Episode 9: O.M. Grey

Greetings all, Sorry for the tardiness of late. I am back now, this time with an interview that was done live at ConJour 4.0 in Clear Lake, TX. This time we are chatting with O. M. Grey aka Christine Rose. She is the author of several Steampunk works including: Avalon Revisited, Zeppelin Dreams (Short Story), among others. She was also part of ... Read More »

SteamPod 2.0: Episode 8 – Flash Back 1: Dodmen and the Holophusikon

Tonight we are replaying one of our original stories, Dodmen and the Holophusikon written by Luisa Perkins. We also have a brief interview with her. You can find her online at her blog Novembrance. While she hasn’t yet written anything else for Steampunk, she does have a few works available from Amazon: Comfortably Yum: Food for Body and Spirit Comfortably ... Read More »

SteamPod 2.0 Episode 5: Tee Morris and Phillipa Ballentine

Tonight we have a special show that is for both SteamPod 2.0 and PodioMedia Chat. We are speaking with the one and only Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine. Tonight among other things, we are talking about their new series of Steampunk novels, A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel. The first one has already been released called Phoenix Rising, and is ... Read More »

Steampod 2.0 Episode 4: Jared Axelrod

Welcome to episode number 4! This time we are talking with the one and only Jared Axelrod! If your not already familiar with his podcast, and upcoming Graphic Novel, Fables of the Flying City then you may recall hearing some misinformation about him on Episode 1 with Emmett Davenport. Of course you may also recognize him from the WikiPedia article ... Read More »

Episode 2: Mark Hodder

Special Congradulations to the Davenport Sisters on Being Knighted at the Steampunk World Fair! On tonight’s Steampod, we chat with Mark Hodder, the author of The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack (Burton & Swinburne in) and The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man: (Burton & Swinburne In) which were published by Pyr Books in the US, and Snowbooks in the ... Read More »