Tales of the Archive

SteamPod 2.0 Episode 9: O.M. Grey

Greetings all, Sorry for the tardiness of late. I am back now, this time with an interview that was done live at ConJour 4.0 in Clear Lake, TX. This time we are chatting with O. M. Grey¬†aka Christine Rose. She is the author of several Steampunk works including: Avalon Revisited,¬†Zeppelin Dreams (Short Story), among others. She was also part of ... Read More »

Steampod 2.0 Episode 6: Various Items

Welcome to Episode 6. Tonight we talk about various things, including updates for previous episodes. Mainly about the Davenport sisters, and Tee and Pip. You can purchase their Audible book via Amazon by clicking here. Music on this episode was Death of the Cog by The Cog is Dead. You can purchase their current Album : Steam Powered Stories from ... Read More »