Introducing SteamPod 3.0 aka SteamZine!

Hello and welcome to all of my long time subscribers its much appreciated that you have stuck around during the long dry spell. I’m going to try setting this up as an e-Zine now. SteamPod 1.0 didn’t work well due to how long Steampunk stories are, much longer than the “average” podcast episode. The benefits of doing this as an ... Read More »

Status of Podcast

Hello Fellow Steamsters, I realize it has been a while since I have had a podcast here. Lately I have been working on a Steampunk novella which I hope will be available around Christmas 2013. Today I’m coming asking for your help. My main computer which I use to do the audio editing has decided to become one with the ... Read More »

SteamPod 2.0

If you visited this site before, you may remember it looked a little different. Somehow the previous blog’s database was erased. I did check the WayBackMachine and while it did have some of the posts it was missing anything after May 20th 2009. This won’t be a paid story market any more, however from time to time we will hopefully ... Read More »